The U.S. as the EU

In case there needs to be anymore examples of the disdain that the ruling class has for the peons, here is what their plans are “post-Brexit” for the EU.

It is easy for some of us to imagine the EU as simply a version of the US. Easier for some than others. After doing away with each states’ National Guard and independent police agencies, turning over ALL taxes to the central gov’t and banning ALL state level courts, King Obama and his successor would be the Diety-In-Chief. Exactly what the EU wants and will get.

Keep your powder dry my friends. The mask has fallen to the floor.


Evidence of polling errors

More and more evidence has been emerging regarding how polls really work and the ways in which pollsters get it badly wrong. We’ve all known that polls have been becoming less reliable but we always looked at it after the ‘preference cascade’ emerged later.

Specifically, when the errors of a poll were discovered, it was always after the cascade began and those within the groupthink admitted they felt differently all along.

This idea will have huge impacts on polling going forward. This was explained to me recently in some fairly straightforward language. An article regarding this, which I cannot find now, pointed out that when you delegitimize a person’s belief, position or VOTE, you don’t change their mind but simply make them not want to talk about it.

This has been shown in political polls at all levels and most recently in the #brexit vote. To avoid explaining why they held a position, those in favor of leaving simply didn’t answer pollsters or lied to them. Either way, the poll results failed.

We are now and will continue to see this in our own polls. Whether you like Mr. Trump or not, its clear that a LOT of people like him just enough to vote for him whether they admit it or not. So the surprise will be jaw-dropping. Stay tuned.

Seeing the future, December 2016

As discussed in the post following this one, the UK special snowflakes are demanding a chance to have a do-over regarding the #brexit vote. WHEN it succeeds, and it will, the snowflakes always win, we are in for HUGE problems.

As I see it, out media sees Shrillary Clinton as the “Remain” movement, while Trump is a “Leave” icon. Our media tells us how crazy shit will be if Trump is elected. How we MUST have HRC because she’s a stabilizing voice. Bullshit. The drive-by media pushes positive Clinton stories 4 to 1 over Trump, and every Trump headline is worded to make whatever action he is undertaking was “Crazy” or “dangerous”.

So my prediction. Trump will win in November. i already think that will happen. The blacks, illegals, LGBT, socialists and our own snowflakes, will riot for a week, then start their hashtag campaign. And they will demand not a re-count. But a complete do-over. And they will point to the UK as an example (UK will have a do-over, just watch). And of course, President “Watch-This-Putt” will support it and find a way to use executive orders to do it. And by December’s end, a liberal president will be installed as Supreme Leader and all the snowflakes will go back to pursuing their women’s studies degrees and looking for the next hip coffee shop. While the true producers in our country, the working class, the middle class, the peons, will suffer. And this suffering will be legendary.


And by the way, fuck Barack Obama.

Brit media scares the snowflakes

The fallout for the UK from the vote to leave the UK has finally hit the predictable phase. The under-30s in the UK have expressed how they are “fearful” and “scared for their future”. All because the majority of people not living in London voted to do the right thing. These special snowflakes have never known an independent Britain but have fallen prey to the media elites who told them the sky would fall and the fires of Hell would consume them.

Much like OUR media has done its all to tell us how awful Trump is and how the US will fall into despair if he is President. By covering those in the UK’s “Remain” movement more than 15 to 1 over the “Leave” supporters, the UK media convinced the snowflakes that indeed a sizeable part of their countrymen were in the Remain camp. They were not and it showed.

Immediately following the historic vote, the media over there said that 3 of 4 under-30 voted to remain. That may very well be true but the reality is that not many under-30 Brits actually voted. The bulk of the voters, by a factor of 3, were those that could see the writing on the wall describing how far their country had fallen and those who remember life BEFORE the EU and knew it was better. To be in charge of your own destiny is ALWAYS better. Succeed or fail, at least YOU are driving the doulbe-decker bus.

Now, these snowflakes have thrown their tantrum and stomped their feet and just like everything in their lives that doesn’t go their way, they petitioned. Now they hae a couple million signatures and want a do over. This is the PRECISE problem with these twits. Because they can’t see the world beyond their own needs. When they don’t get the blue ribbon they want to know who to complain to. Then they text and Instagram their freinds to get on board their latest hashtag campaign. And suddenly, the country is voting again, but all the under-30s decide to actually vote. And the country fails those that built it, the older generation who voted to leave. This is what WILL happen. Just watch.

#brexit as a warning to our overlords

I was thrilled to see the news out early this morning that the UK had indeed voted to leave the EU. We always knew the EU was simply the first example, and a poor one, of a “global government”. The biggest warning, however, should be to our career politicians who speak non-stop of globalization. Which means, the UN collecting global taxes and then handing them out based on need.

‘From those according to their ability to those according to their need.’ Remember that?

That is the EU. That is globalization. And the brave folks of the UK realized it and threw off the chains of their oppressors.

Liberals and socialists in the US should take note. We are taking back the power of the people and it started in UK.



The sad state of our ‘elites’

I’ve always been fiercely patriotic, nationalistic if you must. I feel our country comes first, above any other person or place. Period. I have family members that can’t understand that yet they will sell their soul completely to the Democrat party. Party above all else. So their belief system is the same just on a smaller scale. The Dems have always despised this feeling of U.S. first but they have valiantly been open about it, whilst Repubs have painted themselves in the flag while secretly feeling embarassed to say they put America first. This post by Megan McArdle expands on this idea of cloaked R’s.

Long absence, world still a circus

If you look at the post below this, you’ll notice it’s been 4 years. Though not really, some posts were deleted between then and now. Posts which were no longer relevant nor wanted.
So I’ve returned to find Obama still blaming guns for everything, ISIS blowing us up or shooting us at will, and our fearless government deciding to ACCELERATE the influx of Syrian refugees. Adding those three things together leads to only one conclusion. There will continue to be attacks on our soil by RADICAL MUSLIMS and the scapegoat will be old white guys wanting guns.
What a ride.

And BTW, fuck Barack Obama