As FBI director Comey was grilled repeatedly today to get his responses on the record, over and over, that HRC did in fact lie her ass off about everything, there were other options emerging.

The constant drumbeat of answers he gave pointed over and over to the fact that HRC wouldn’t know the truth if landed on her head. So in the end, as I hoped, the case was made to move forward with charges of perjury before Congress since she told the same lies UNDER OATH before Congress. Hope this sticks.

But another point was made by a former federal judge. Who else was on the plane with the Lynch/Clinton meeting? This judge pointed out that as Attorney General, Lynch was required to have staff present with her taking notes. Lynch has said her husband was with her, which is fine, but on a government aircraft, on government business, she was required to have her meetings recorded. So was staff removed from plane? Where they hidden in another part of the aircraft? Surely, SOMEONE will have witnessed what was discussed since we know it wasn’t golf and grandkids. HOWEVER, at this point you can be sure that Lynch has briefed her staff what to say or not say. Probably backed up by some not-so-veiled threats from the Clinton Mafia.

This next few weeks could be interesting or they could just be further confirmation that our government simply cannot be trusted. Either way, I’m stocked up and hope martial law is declared on a weekend for convenience.

Fuck Obama.