As discussed in the post following this one, the UK special snowflakes are demanding a chance to have a do-over regarding the #brexit vote. WHEN it succeeds, and it will, the snowflakes always win, we are in for HUGE problems.

As I see it, out media sees Shrillary Clinton as the “Remain” movement, while Trump is a “Leave” icon. Our media tells us how crazy shit will be if Trump is elected. How we MUST have HRC because she’s a stabilizing voice. Bullshit. The drive-by media pushes positive Clinton stories 4 to 1 over Trump, and every Trump headline is worded to make whatever action he is undertaking was “Crazy” or “dangerous”.

So my prediction. Trump will win in November. i already think that will happen. The blacks, illegals, LGBT, socialists and our own snowflakes, will riot for a week, then start their hashtag campaign. And they will demand not a re-count. But a complete do-over. And they will point to the UK as an example (UK will have a do-over, just watch). And of course, President “Watch-This-Putt” will support it and find a way to use executive orders to do it. And by December’s end, a liberal president will be installed as Supreme Leader and all the snowflakes will go back to pursuing their women’s studies degrees and looking for the next hip coffee shop. While the true producers in our country, the working class, the middle class, the peons, will suffer. And this suffering will be legendary.


And by the way, fuck Barack Obama.