The fallout for the UK from the vote to leave the UK has finally hit the predictable phase. The under-30s in the UK have expressed how they are “fearful” and “scared for their future”. All because the majority of people not living in London voted to do the right thing. These special snowflakes have never known an independent Britain but have fallen prey to the media elites who told them the sky would fall and the fires of Hell would consume them.

Much like OUR media has done its all to tell us how awful Trump is and how the US will fall into despair if he is President. By covering those in the UK’s “Remain” movement more than 15 to 1 over the “Leave” supporters, the UK media convinced the snowflakes that indeed a sizeable part of their countrymen were in the Remain camp. They were not and it showed.

Immediately following the historic vote, the media over there said that 3 of 4 under-30 voted to remain. That may very well be true but the reality is that not many under-30 Brits actually voted. The bulk of the voters, by a factor of 3, were those that could see the writing on the wall describing how far their country had fallen and those who remember life BEFORE the EU and knew it was better. To be in charge of your own destiny is ALWAYS better. Succeed or fail, at least YOU are driving the doulbe-decker bus.

Now, these snowflakes have thrown their tantrum and stomped their feet and just like everything in their lives that doesn’t go their way, they petitioned. Now they hae a couple million signatures and want a do over. This is the PRECISE problem with these twits. Because they can’t see the world beyond their own needs. When they don’t get the blue ribbon they want to know who to complain to. Then they text and Instagram their freinds to get on board their latest hashtag campaign. And suddenly, the country is voting again, but all the under-30s decide to actually vote. And the country fails those that built it, the older generation who voted to leave. This is what WILL happen. Just watch.