Bibi, Obambi, Cruz, Christie and the end of a weird week

Despite President Back-nine’s attempt to buy the Israeli election, Bibi pulled it out strongly. I believe his people are a lot more appreciative of a strong nationalistic stance then our fellow citizens could ever be. We just don’t have the stomach to be nationalistic lest we be called racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-(insert group).

Ted Cruz seems ready to throw his hat down the rabbit hole. He has had a few good ideas and talks a good talk but poor Ted has walked back so many positions in order to gain acceptance from the Dems that he can’t seriously think he has a chance.

Hillary. Well, you know.

And the New Jersey refrigerator thinks R’s will still carry him to victory.

Fat chance. Pun intended.

As I settle in for tonight’s The Walking Dead I have to re-affirm my desire for a zombie apocalypse because I have a long list of people I want to shoot in the face. Zombie or not.

Let’s hope the new week doesn’t go to hell on day one.

A very long time returning.

While I don’t get much traffic on this site, I do have some friends who have commented on my absence. 2 years plus. I apologize.

Substantial changes to the household, a move, job change etc. put things on the back burner. I guess really I took them off the stove.

New interests , new friends, new outlook and new lifestyle have re-kindled the need to write. To express. To incite thought.

So I am rededicating time to this blog, changing some layout, some content.

For those that stop by, thank you. For those that link, bless you.


Of Islam and its apologists

In viewing the protestors overrun our embassy in Cairo, the ensuing State Department statement, and the administration’s attempt to sweep it all away, some things just must be said.

-Fuck Islam. Yep, I said it. You want to rage and lash out, come get ya some.

-Fuck Islam apologists, multi-culti diversifiers and lovers of the religion of pieces. Do NOT forget the tenets of Islam which REQUIRE its followers to convert the infidel or kill them. Period. Come get ya some. 

To the muzzies and their libtard enablers I say this, it is unfortunate that your entire cultural system is based in the 6th century. That a filmmakers work drives Islamic rage boy to the edge is merely an example of how your culture and ours will simply never mesh. We support free speech, which is to say we support controversial speech. It is a cornerstone of who we are. The fact someone says something you don’t like or that makes you feel a rumply in your tumbly is too damn bad. There is much I disagree with but I support your right to say it and believe it. I do not, have not and will not apologize to you for your feeling butt-hurt and then stand by while you trash sovreign property. Just because our Muslim-in-chief bows to your demands does not mean we American patriots do. Your creeping demographic jihad will come to an end. Your own personal jihad may come to an end sooner if you show up on my doorstep. 

I’m reminded of a story, true or not, about an Arab ambassador meeting Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and mentioning his son’s affinity for the show. The ambassador  admitted he was confused why his son liked the show as there were no Muslim characters. Roddenberry’s response was that Star Trek was set in the future. The implied message that Islam and Muslims would cease to exist. True or not, I enjoy the subtlety of message.

So on this day after the anniversary of Muslim men attempting to bring their caliphate to MY country and subjugate MY countrymen, I say this: Any time, any place, by any foe that threatens American exceptionalism and the freedom we support, you will find men of honor ready to deal death on you and your fellow jihadis. Until you are removed from the face of the earth and the annals of history.

‘Praise be to the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle’ Psalms 144

Never forget, never forgive.

The world awaits the wide-eyed traveler

Today is the start of school where we live. It is also the first day of school ever for my oldest son. Being an older daddy, its harder to remember my first day but I like to think I was excited not fearful. My son is beyond excited. My wife and I have different emotions. I’m thrilled at this beginning of the opening of the world, she worries about bullies. Different lives lived, different world views. 

So on this day I’d like to wish all the first-timers out there all the best of luck. Your world opens today.


May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields. And, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand. –Irish blessing

Good luck buddy.


Predictions meet fruition earlier than I expected

Back in January, a friend of mine discussed the “preference cascade” at length. The idea that when people locked into a groupthink mentality begin to realize they are not alone in a different belief, the cascade of followers is crushing.

My prediction to this friend was that in the first week of October this year, the failure of President Man-child would be so hard to ignore anymore that his long time sycophants would begin their preference cascade. Seeing that there were others who had woken up to the same reality, more and more would speak out, speak up and walk away.

Well, I missed it by six weeks. Ed Driscoll over at PJM notes this in his piece.

Even more telling is the way Newsweek magazine, the less colorful equivalent of Tiger Beat, covers itself with an article turning its collective back on Barack the Magic Negro. Doug Ross tees this one up.

I doubt my uber-liberal, attorney, DemoRat fundraising twin sister will ever see the cascade, but there is hope. Just no change.


Oh, almost forgot. F#*& Obama.

When everything becomes about the King, the Kingdom is ruined

In yet another startling (but not surprising) move to show how The Won has affected the life and livelihood of every single person on the planet, the State Department has begun editing its country biographies to reflect the “Obama effect”. This harkens back to the rewrite of presidential bios on the official White House website which were quietly introduced and then quietly removed not long ago.

While President Ladies-Tees continues to imagine himself above the fray and his media sycophants imagine him “like sort of God” floating above the universe and lowering sea levels, the real world is feeling the devastating effects of every action, every policy, every demand, every diktat. And every one of them turns something to shit.

Amy Payne at The Heritage Blog does the heavy lifting on this one. Go check her out. Take an air-sick bag.


Sent to me this morning.



God save this country.

St. Maximillian Day was yesterday. Celebrate his sacrifice.

We hear stories these days of some 8 year old kid who pulled a puppy from a well pipe, or a group of construction workers who lifted a car off a pedestrian and think of what they gave for others. Then we step up to honor military vets, of which I am one, who gave all for others. Then there are the extraordinary acts of those doomed to death during the Holocaust, and the men and women who gave of themselves that another may live one more day. Then, there is Maximillian Kolbe.



AOSHQ had a piece in his overnight that drew me into the story here at No Parasan and more

in the Wiki.

All gave some, some gave all.

Though a day late, I will celebrate a feast in honor of St. Maximillian today. And hope this type of selfless service may never disappear from our planet.


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