What the hell does Hillary want?

In the search for some semblance of a coherent questioning on just what the f*@$ Hillary Clinton wants, I found the answer in Charles Krauthammer once again. His piece in WaPo is just one more in a litany of perfectly laid out writing. Enjoy.


Nice suffers a ‘truck crash’

I won’t comment much on the latest in our global string of terrorist victories. No links either as they are plentiful everywhere. I have been to Nice, as well as Pau, Paris and other parts of France. I was one of only 24 US soldiers to EVER be allowed to attend French Commando School IN France where they train their elites. These are guys you don’t fuck with. Period. They should be let off the chain to go on the attack. The French are more likely to do that than we ever are. Because we are sheep. The title of this post refers to the NY Times headline which still cannot say terrorist attack. It was first a ‘truck attack’ then a ‘truck crash’. Shameful.

But, that is why we are sheep. And when the killing hammers start to swing our way again we get what we get. Sheep. Wolves. Easy fight.

So only if it’s ‘treason treason’

Our legal hack of an Attorney General, in true Clintonian form, managed to contort herself and her mouth into unimaginable positions in order to not admit what every adult that doesn’t eat lead paint knows: that it is a felony punishable by imprisonment to share classified information with someone without a clearance for the information.

That was pretty much day one info when I was in intelligence. Spread marked stuff, go to butt-raping prison. Period.

Numerous chances, but as witnessed in this excerpted exchange at HotAir, she just can’t say the words.

Maybe it’s time that we just demand ALL intelligence be free-source and immediately uploaded to Twitter? Seems our society would work soooooo much better without secrets.


Training can overcome poor equipment

Not a topic I usually bring up here though I am an avid gun owner and gun rights supporter. I spent more than 2 decades in SF, first with 5th Group and then 3rd. So I’ve been around a few firearms and more than a few odd ones when ‘visiting’ overseas locations. This article at SurvivalBlog brought up some interesting and not commonly known info regarding the Dallas shooter. I mention it because it demonstrates the importance and EFFECTIVENESS of training versus hardware. You do have to respect what this nutjob did with a junk rifle.

New plots for Hillary

As FBI director Comey was grilled repeatedly today to get his responses on the record, over and over, that HRC did in fact lie her ass off about everything, there were other options emerging.

The constant drumbeat of answers he gave pointed over and over to the fact that HRC wouldn’t know the truth if landed on her head. So in the end, as I hoped, the case was made to move forward with charges of perjury before Congress since she told the same lies UNDER OATH before Congress. Hope this sticks.

But another point was made by a former federal judge. Who else was on the plane with the Lynch/Clinton meeting? This judge pointed out that as Attorney General, Lynch was required to have staff present with her taking notes. Lynch has said her husband was with her, which is fine, but on a government aircraft, on government business, she was required to have her meetings recorded. So was staff removed from plane? Where they hidden in another part of the aircraft? Surely, SOMEONE will have witnessed what was discussed since we know it wasn’t golf and grandkids. HOWEVER, at this point you can be sure that Lynch has briefed her staff what to say or not say. Probably backed up by some not-so-veiled threats from the Clinton Mafia.

This next few weeks could be interesting or they could just be further confirmation that our government simply cannot be trusted. Either way, I’m stocked up and hope martial law is declared on a weekend for convenience.

Fuck Obama.

The extraordinary measures needed by Hillary’s thieves

Excellent and succinct description of the amount of work required to send and receive classified documents here at SurvivalBlog.

I began my military career in intel and I can attest that EVERY para of a doc has a ‘leader’ to remind the reader that the info is classified. It was NOT carelessness that subverted those leaders on all those paragraphs, it was intentional and criminal.

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action. So what would one call 110 times?


I guess the FBI calls it an aquital.

Identity politics above all

In the wake of a truly stunning decision not to put Hillary Clinton in prison, it becomes more and more clear that Liberals will do anything to continue their legacy of identity politics.

Seems to be a plan to install ‘historic’ firsts at ALL COSTS. I guess the future roster will be fun.

-First black

-First woman

-First black woman

-First transgender latino

-First formerly male, formerly white, formerly able-bodied but now female,black, handicapped person

-First brain transplant, quadrapalegic, tri-gendered, semi-robotic, multiple limb amputee.


The list will only become weirder and more diverse through the years. Because selecting the most unique candidate is more important than selecting the best qualified one.

Lord help us for we know not what we do.