Laissez les bons temps roulez!!

Long break from writing. Long week. Shattered my ankle in a twist and fall. Looking at some high dollar custom metalwork to repair. Fun for me.

On the election, meh. Stopped caring. As a country we have decided that an entitlement society is what we want. We accept the fate of Greece as our own and will simply increase welfare dependency to get it. Enjoy.

So my recommendations to Congress, rubber stamp everything. Give King Barack every single thing he wants. When the liberal Utopia kicks in fully and society breaks down to guns in the streets, I’ll feel better. I have 11 different firearms, a total of 17,560 rounds. I was a trained Special Forces soldier, have prepper supplies for my family of four to last 3 months in ANY ENVIRONMENT. So, bring on the FEMA borne shirt squad.

As for the political class, fuck off.

No fear in VA

Here in rural Central Virginia I’m looking forward to a new beginning tomorrow morning. I’m sure of a VA victory for Romney/Ryan. Betting on 30 point electoral college win also. What I’m NOT looking forward to is the smoky haze from the fires of riots in surrounding cities. Heartbroken entitlement babies and professional race-baiting grievance mongers will use an Obambi loss to loot their own town, destroy property and basically return to savagery.

Will we survive. We will be better. We have to be.

God Bless Us Everyone

Of grand missions, booms and altitude sickness

Been away tending to business. I did get back to enjoy the butt-hurt put on the Preezy by one Mitt Romney last night. Ouch!!! gonna take a while for those scars to heal.
The aftermath of excuse making by libtards in the media has been,, uh whats that word Barack uses…, oh yeah, HISTORIC.
First, Chrissy “leg tingles” Matthews swears Barry Soetoro was doing some ‘presidentin’ beforehand and had his mind on some super-secret commando mission he just ordered. Right. But I bet Barry has DOD doing something right now so he can say “I was planning a mission”.
Then, Mr. AGW aka Al Gore, claims it was environmental. Citing the 5,000 ft above sea level altitude for Barry looking like a window-licker in search of a window. Yep, the Goracle actually said altitude sickness caused the rectal pounding The Won accepted last night. Ugh.
But everyones favorite heart attack in a ball cap, Michael Moore tweeted, “the president heard a loud boom behind him on stage. WOnder what it was.” Oh, the mythical “loud boom”. Which nobody else heard or reacted to and which kept Mr. Steady-in-the-saddle on edge so he couldn’t concentrate. Fuck you Michael!! go get another cheeseburger.
The talking liberal heads cum Alan Colmes and their claims that there wasn’t enough media intervention and that Jim Lehrer shouldve had more control or that there should be two or three!! moderators, are quite frankly, insane.
Listen, I’ve worked in environments where I had to stop, alter, or change a mission UNDER DIRECT FIRE!!
You don’t get to blame loud booms, altitude, or a scratchy pillow. Do your job!! fucktard!!!
Problem is, Barry had nothing. he had no accomplishments, an abyssmal economy, lost or broken promises and someone noticed.
Who was that someone. Mitt Fucking Romney. And he put the screwing on you like a hooker with a habit.
Accept it lefties, your messiah is an empty sack.

So once again, Fuck Barack Obama

Is E-LIE-zabeth Warren even female?

Following fairly closely on the heals of Elizabeth Warren’s geneology problem where she fraudulently asserted that she was of Cherokee heritage and represented herself as such for preference in hiring, positions and other perks, it now comes out that she is, or was, practicing law without a license. The good Prof. Jacobsen does his usual outstanding job on this story over at Legal Insurrection.

As is typical of well-placed libtards one encounters in every day life, she is simply, absolutely and without any buffering or hedging, a liar. Period. She cannot be trusted to be truthful. If Scott Brown loses to this toolbag of hypocrisy, our union is indeed gone.

So my question is, can we get her a Maury Povitch special discounted DNA test or maybe just lift the hood? Because I don’t believe she is really even female.

The fall as viewed from different people

When watching someone or something fall, I believe there are those who enjoy watching the fall as it develops, changes, twists, turns and ultimately ends. Then there are those who are content with observing the tangled mass that lay at the fall’s endpoint. I enjoy both.

As it applies to Newsweek magazine, I thought that while lying bleeding on the ground, they would be the fall victim that would at least fight to breath, reach for salvation. I was of course, wrong.

After an overnight shift as a medic, I stopped at the grocery store on this beautiful September Sunday in Central Virginia, at the checkout I saw a Newsweek “Special Commemorative Issue” it exclaimed!!

Their “Top 10 Presidents” issue. This should be interesting I thought. On the cover was a scattering of 40 or so campaign buttons, some I knew, some I have, going back to FDR and beyond. As I scanned the cover I noticed not one but (of course) 2! Obama buttons. Two! President Affirmative-Action needs twice the term, twice the time, and now, twice the buttons, to perform adequately. I am going to guess in the voting that those cast for him were weighted twice.

The best part? In true beclowning nature typical of Newsweek, there was one president conspicuously missing. You know who.

I couldn’t grab a photo and can’t find one online yet. Check it out. Nice to see they won’t give up the fight.



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