Hunting season open at Planned Parenthood

In a continuation of posts I have seen relating the victim-blaming of Ms. Gellar for the assassination attempts on her life in Garland TX, I would like to remind those on the left who keep saying that she brought it on herself by hosting something others abhor.

Is it going to be an affirmative defense when someone walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic and guns down every fucking person? After all, they  deserve it, right? They asked for it. They perform a service abhorred by millions so they get what they get. Case closed. Pick up the bodies.

Note to the lefties that believe free speech extends only to their pet causes: fuck off. And die. Violently.

Let Baltimore burn

Detroit, Ferguson, all of southern California, large sections of Texas, Florida and Arizona. Chicago, Minneapolis, on and on and on. Democrat run cities fall into fourth world chaos when ANY event triggers the right group of citizens. The right group meaning poor blacks, Hispanics and white trash. Led by a mayor who relishes the thought of whitey getting his just desserts at the expense of her own citizens, Baltimore is done. Over. History. Let is go. Give the low-intelligence animals gas cans and Zippos. When its all a smoking pile of ash and memories, let them inhabit the ruins. Anyone who believes this is ‘civil disobedience’ or ‘free speech’ needs to be shot on their knees. Supporters of these low-life thugs deserve to die right next to them. Pull the police out, shut off the power, shut of the water and build a fence around Baltimore.

The LGBT-QWERTYQWERTY masks begin falling

Everyone with an IQ above 70 understands that the militant homosexuals entire world would eventually crack. The idea that two men or two women can FORCE their views on a child and expect good results was always just not true and more and more we are seeing those children come forward to admit it. Too bad the same-sex parents never will.

The Federalist has a first-person account of this exact revelation.

The dominoes fall.

Bibi, Obambi, Cruz, Christie and the end of a weird week

Despite President Back-nine’s attempt to buy the Israeli election, Bibi pulled it out strongly. I believe his people are a lot more appreciative of a strong nationalistic stance then our fellow citizens could ever be. We just don’t have the stomach to be nationalistic lest we be called racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-(insert group).

Ted Cruz seems ready to throw his hat down the rabbit hole. He has had a few good ideas and talks a good talk but poor Ted has walked back so many positions in order to gain acceptance from the Dems that he can’t seriously think he has a chance.

Hillary. Well, you know.

And the New Jersey refrigerator thinks R’s will still carry him to victory.

Fat chance. Pun intended.

As I settle in for tonight’s The Walking Dead I have to re-affirm my desire for a zombie apocalypse because I have a long list of people I want to shoot in the face. Zombie or not.

Let’s hope the new week doesn’t go to hell on day one.

A very long time returning.

While I don’t get much traffic on this site, I do have some friends who have commented on my absence. 2 years plus. I apologize.

Substantial changes to the household, a move, job change etc. put things on the back burner. I guess really I took them off the stove.

New interests , new friends, new outlook and new lifestyle have re-kindled the need to write. To express. To incite thought.

So I am rededicating time to this blog, changing some layout, some content.

For those that stop by, thank you. For those that link, bless you.


Of Islam and its apologists

In viewing the protestors overrun our embassy in Cairo, the ensuing State Department statement, and the administration’s attempt to sweep it all away, some things just must be said.

-Fuck Islam. Yep, I said it. You want to rage and lash out, come get ya some.

-Fuck Islam apologists, multi-culti diversifiers and lovers of the religion of pieces. Do NOT forget the tenets of Islam which REQUIRE its followers to convert the infidel or kill them. Period. Come get ya some. 

To the muzzies and their libtard enablers I say this, it is unfortunate that your entire cultural system is based in the 6th century. That a filmmakers work drives Islamic rage boy to the edge is merely an example of how your culture and ours will simply never mesh. We support free speech, which is to say we support controversial speech. It is a cornerstone of who we are. The fact someone says something you don’t like or that makes you feel a rumply in your tumbly is too damn bad. There is much I disagree with but I support your right to say it and believe it. I do not, have not and will not apologize to you for your feeling butt-hurt and then stand by while you trash sovreign property. Just because our Muslim-in-chief bows to your demands does not mean we American patriots do. Your creeping demographic jihad will come to an end. Your own personal jihad may come to an end sooner if you show up on my doorstep. 

I’m reminded of a story, true or not, about an Arab ambassador meeting Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and mentioning his son’s affinity for the show. The ambassador  admitted he was confused why his son liked the show as there were no Muslim characters. Roddenberry’s response was that Star Trek was set in the future. The implied message that Islam and Muslims would cease to exist. True or not, I enjoy the subtlety of message.

So on this day after the anniversary of Muslim men attempting to bring their caliphate to MY country and subjugate MY countrymen, I say this: Any time, any place, by any foe that threatens American exceptionalism and the freedom we support, you will find men of honor ready to deal death on you and your fellow jihadis. Until you are removed from the face of the earth and the annals of history.

‘Praise be to the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle’ Psalms 144

Never forget, never forgive.


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